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I've been reading Angie's blog for a while, and I feel like starting my own blog! It is also my birthday today, so is a good time to launch this blog!

This blog will feature my own thoughts on a variety of issues, ranging from my personal matters to social/economic/political/ issues on both sides of the Pacific Ocean. I will update this blog, say, once a week, but the frequency might become less when I get busy! Excuse me for little grammatical errors, please don't write crazy stuff on the comment thread!!!!!

The first topic is what I think about being back in Tokyo after spending six years in Seattle, and some more personal updates.

1. Weather: Seattle's climate is one of the best in the world. Seattleites need to stop complaining about the rain! Tokyo has been VERY humid, and now typhoon! My cat has been lying up side down on the floor, but now he is scared and hiding somewhere in the house...

2. Earthquake: I don't really see much of damage in Tokyo. Actually, I should say none, at least my parents' house. But, there are still lots of small aftershocks, even after six months have passed. It seems most people are used to them, but after spending six years in earthquake-less Seattle, I get a little scared.

3. Energy Crisis: As most of you know, even those of you in Seattle, there are still calls for massive energy conservation campaign in response to the nuclear incident. I am actually in favor of nuclear energy, or I should say, after studying energy policy at grad school and working for the Washington State Energy Office, I realize that we just can't live without it. I will talk about this in detail in coming weeks.

4. Reunion: I am meeting with my classmates from middle school. I haven't seen most of them since high school, so I am excited (!) but a little scared too.

5. Angie: I visited Angie, who is going through chemotherapy in Tsukuba, with Yukari last weekend. She looked fine, much better than I had expected, and looked less like a cat. I hope she will be free from it soon!

6. Trip: I am traveling to Morioka, where my grandparents live, and Miyako, a city near (not really) Morioka who was devastated by tsunami. I've been to Miyako once a few years, so I am hoping to see a sign of recovery from it. My next post will be on this visit.


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