Moving to Ginza!

I just finished up the second week at my new job. The training program is quite intense, and I am doing fine, but some of my colleagues already started falling behind. They look really stressed out, and I have to wonder how long they will last...

Anyhow, I just got an apartment near my work place! It's in Ginza, which is about 15 min walk from my office. This is a great location, and it is just three blocks away from the main street of Ginza, which is like the 5th Avenue of New York. There will be shopping temptations...

The apartment itself is actually a part of a condominium. It is not large but high quality, and I am really glad that I found it at this price. I am moving to the apartment in November, so I might be able to provide a place to stay if you are visiting Tokyo, get too drunk, or miss the last train of the day!

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