New Job

There were lots of things in the past week, both personally (relationship problem) and professionally. I wondered which one I should write about, but I think my new job would interest you more.

My new job is at a large consulting firm. I cannot say which company I work for on a public blog, but some of you already know it. My job hasn't started in a meaning way because I am undergoing a six-week training, which I already feel too much and too dense. But, I've already found a bunch of unique stuff about this company, so let me list these.

  • Security: This company deals with lots of secretive information, so the security is somewhat tight. There are also sections of the company I cannot access to. This is really odd to me who have been working for very open NGOs and government.
  • Desk: There is no assigned desk, and there are a bunch of work stations. Yes, this is like a college library, and I think this is pretty unique. This means that I can stay away from my boss all day!
  • Stock: For legal issues, I cannot own stocks of companies that my company has a relationship with. I really did not know this, and this is going to create a lot of problems. Since my company has a LOT of clients, many of my stocks would have to be dealt with in coming months. Given the stock market plunge, this is the last thing I need right now... Hopefully, my company will compensate for the loss or allow me to keep them.
  • Marriage: This company pays a lot to the employees but also expects them to work a lot. It's pretty routine for many employees to work till very late at night. A rumor I heard this week is that if you don't have a girlfriend when you join the company, you cannot get married unless you leave the company. This is the last thing I need, and I really want to get married in a couple of years... Hopefully this is a bad joke.

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  1. I heard that the company JINS (the growing eye glass company) is also doing the no-assigned-desk thing. I heard it increases efficiency but not having to clean the desk and learn to organize each day :)